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The summer rise has not taken place, despite a different evolution in the neighbouring markets.

Pig producers in France have lost about €24 per head compared to last year due to an unexpected stagnation of prices in this market.
Barbecue season didn’t bring any novelties in the last six weeks an the average price is about €1.221 /kg carcass weight, €0.257/kg lower than a year ago, notice Philippe Mallétroit – Genesus Director for France, in his Global Report.
“This year, over this period, pig producers lost about €24 per head compared to last year. After 6 markets without any increases, the price has been established at €1,225 per kg (+ €0.002 /kg) at the last market of August, 16.

Let’s hope that the pork price rise in France will continue in the upcoming weeks like it has been the case for several weeks with our German neighbours (€1.55/kg at the market of August, 15). Everyone knows that, in general, prices remain higher over the summer period until the end of September before falling very often in the fall”, said Mallétroit, who is still hoping for a comeback in the following weeks. At the same time, hog prices have increased not only in Germany but also in Spain and Great Britain, as Genesus market report shows.