The Governments of Spain and China will sign new trade agreements, in the context of the visit of President Xi Jinping that will have important consequences for food producers.

The swine sector will benefit because – although it already sends some products – they will now open the doors to a majority of pork products, including bone-in hams and sausages.

From the meat industry, the secretary of the National Association of Meat Industries of Spain (Anice), Miguel Huerta, sees this news “wonderful” and remembers that Spain is the country that has more companies accredited to sell meat to the Asian giant, a total of 24.

The general secretary of the Meat and Meat Industry Federation (Fecic), Josep Collado, has valued the protocol but has requested agility in the authorization of companies that can send the new products demanded by China.

The “Iberico” pork industry recognizes that it is now opening the option of exporting more products to China, as until now it was impossible to send products with a cure of less than 313 days or with bone.