Bopepor opens its farm Las Lindes with capacity for 2,500 breeding sows.


Last Wednesday, Bopepor celebrated the opening of the new farm “Las Lindes” located in Magallón area (not far from Zaragoza) with capacity for 2,500 mothers.


This installation has involved an investment of 4.5 million euros to provide the farm with the most advanced technologies in terms of food, health, water treatment and animal welfare.

Maintaining Bopepor’s commitment to the environment, a great effort has been made to minimize the impact generated by this type of facilities.

With this new step, Bopepor goes deeper into the control of genetics and in breed selection to guarantee the production of the best suckling pig for roasting, the KOBUTY.

Bopepor celebrated this opening with clients, family and friends, offering the opportunity to visit the facilities and serving an informal lunch were everybody tested the excellent quality of the KOBUTY suckling pig.