EU is facing a piglet crisis

The Chinese growing demand for pork is making big producers in Europe to keep the piglets for fattening and export. Europe may be facing a piglet crisis in the market, according to Mary Pana, president of Romanian ACEBOP, who thinks that big producers in the EU are interested now to fatten the animals and to export it later in the Chinese market. "In Romania, we

China to buy more pork in the coming months

The Chinese government is urging the farmers to rebuild their pig herds and intends to buy more pork for its reserves. The ongoing ASF crisis in China is forcing the government to secure the supplies of pork for its reserves, as one of the officials in the Ministry of Agriculture declared for Reuters. Also, the producers are encouraged to rebuild their herds as volatility

Spain’s meat production grew by 5.1%

Pork accounts for 64.7% of total meat production until September, marking a growth of 5.9% compared to last year. In the first three quarters of this year, Spanish meat production increased by 5.1% compared to last year reaching reached 5,180,324 tonnes. Of the total produced, pork is gradually gaining relevance. Thus, if in 2014 it was 61.9%, in 2018 it reached 64.7% in 2018 with

Canada and Spain are working together to increase pork trade.

Spanish organizations ANAFRIC and FECIC have initiated contacts to strengthen commercial relations with Canada for beef and pork. Source: Spanish organizations ANAFRIC and FECIC have recently initiated contact with Canadian counterparts and government officials to discuss trade relations in the beef and pork sectors between the two countries. The objective of this meeting was to find formulas to boost the commercial exchanges of beef

China to initiate aggressive pork imports.

Prices may jump through the ceiling as the decline in the national pig herd could reach 35 million in 2019. Official data presented by the Ministry Agriculture of China on the African Swine Fever situation in the country mentions 73 ASF cases reported in 47 municipalities in 20 provinces and mandatory slaughter of 600,000 pigs. At this point, pork price volatility inside China is

Expectation at the signing of trade agreements with China that opens doors to new swine products

The Governments of Spain and China will sign new trade agreements, in the context of the visit of President Xi Jinping that will have important consequences for food producers. The swine sector will benefit because - although it already sends some products - they will now open the doors to a majority of pork products, including bone-in hams and sausages. From the meat industry, the

New Bopepor Channel in YouTube

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First vaccine against ASF to be delivered in a year and a half

There is hope for the swine industry as a vaccine against African swine fever virus is on its way. Jose Manuel Sanchez Vizcaino, a Spanish researcher, announced that the disease could be cured and controlled in at least two years, informs CdeComunicacion website. "We had been behind it for many years. I have had many failures along the way. Last year we started a very

CIIE Shanghai exhibition.

Today, Monday, 5th of November, begins the 1st International Exposition of Imports of China (CIIE) in Shanghai, considered the biggest import and export contest of Asia. Bopepor is part of the delegation of 26 Spanish companies, 11 of them from Aragón County, present in this event that brings together 2,800 companies from 130 different countries and regions. During the opening , today we have received

Spain and China to develop closer ties in pigs, cattle and sheep sectors

By: EuromeatNews The announcement came after the XXVIII meeting of the Joint Commission for Economic and Industrial Cooperation at the Ministry of Commerce (Mofcom) in Beijing. China is interested in developing new bilateral ties with Spain's pigs, cattle and sheep sectors. The announcement came after the XXVIII meeting of the Joint Commission for Economic and Industrial Cooperation at the Ministry of Commerce (Mofcom) in Beijing,

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